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Descartes – Borges



I am the only man on the earth and perhaps there is neither earth nor man.

Perhaps a god deceives me.

Perhaps a god has condemned me to time, that long illusion.

I dream the moon and I dream my eyes perceiving the moon.

I have dreamed the evening and the morning of the first day.

I have dreamed Carthage and the legions that desolated Carthage.

I have dreamed Lucan.

I have dreamed the hill at Golgotha and the crosses of Rome.

I have dreamed the geometry.

I have dreamed the point, the line, the plane, the volume.

I have dreamed yellow, blue and red.

I have dreamed my sickly childhood.

I have dreamed the maps and the kingdoms and that pain in the dawn.

I have dreamed the inconceivable pain.

I have dreamed my sword.

I have dreamed Elizabeth of Bohemia.

I have dreamed the doubt and the certainty.

I have dreamed the day called yesterday.

Perhaps there was no yesterday, perhaps I was never born.

It is possible that I dream of having dreamed.

I feel a little cold, a little fear.

Over the Danube the night lies.

I will continue to dream of Descartes and of the faith of his fathers.

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