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Inferno, V, 129, Borges

Inferno, V, 129


They leave aside the book, knowing already

That they are the people of the book.

(And will be again in the utmost other,

But what could make them feel this?)

For now they are Paolo and Francesca,

Not two friends that share

The flavor of a fable.

They look on one another with disbelief and wonder.

Their hands do no touch.

They have discovered the sole treasure.

They have found the other.

They do not betray the Malatesta

Because treachery requires a third,

And only they two exist in the world.

They are Paolo and Francesca

And also the queen and her lover

And all the lovers that have been

Since far off Adam and his Eve

Walked on the grass in Paradise.

A book, a dream, reveals to them

That they are figures of a dream that was dreamed

In the lands of the Breton.

Another book will come to cause that man,

Himself dreaming, dreams of them.

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